Build Mobile Apps With Ease Using Prasso by faxt

Prasso by faxt offers a revolutionary no-code approach to mobile app development. Our intuitive platform allows us to quickly assemble fully-functional mobile apps. Focus on your idea while we handle the technology.

Key Benefits of Building With Prasso by faxt

Rapid Prototyping

Test and validate your app concept rapidly. Our wizard-based tools facilitate app prototyping to gather user feedback fast.

Simplified Workflows

Our guided workflows and pre-built components help you create custom native iOS and Android apps efficiently.

Robust Scalability

Prasso by faxt leverages proven technologies like Laravel Flutter and Firebase to ensure your app has a robust, enterprise-grade foundation.

Seamless User Experience

Unify tools like forums, YouTube, calendars into a single cohesive mobile experience for your users.

Total Customization

Tailor your app's look, feel and functionality to match your brand. Our low-code approach empowers your creativity.

User Management

Leverage our integrations for simplified user registration and management. Focus on your app, not infrastructure.

Businesses We've Helped

Our Portfolio

Here are some examples of the amazing apps we've created for small businesses just like yours.


A tool for building heathy eating habits.

Faith Lake City

Family-Oriented and Biblical church in Lake City, Florida

Go Go Delivery

Easily schedule and track your deliveries with our platform.

Realize Your Mobile App Vision Without Code

Try Prasso by faxt today and start building the mobile app you’ve always envisioned—no coding required. Our user-friendly no-code platform helps put your app idea into the hands of users faster.

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Let us know if you would like us to modify or expand our services and offerings in any way. We're happy to help realize your mobile app vision.

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